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Cosheroom team wantsyou to be involved in high quality silk full look (and other fabrics of course,but this coming a bit later) that makes you feel good, comfortable andbeautiful about what you’re wearing. Our wear is designed to suit any body typedue to our special patterns which we created to compliment your body shape and helpyou to make it look even more beautiful. Our core idea is a full look solutionfor any occasion - it’s just up to your imagination how and where to style it.


A Russian girlliving in London for over 10 years (sounds like a cliché but here we areJ) always had a little obsession withmatching outfits, as it’s such an effortless but very stylish look, indeed. Theidea of Cosheroom came up to Alla when she couldn’t find on the market a verysimple outfit which looks like pyjama but it’s not. As we all know pjs are verybeautiful piece of clothing, but it doesn’t usually fit good, especially if youare planning to wear it to a party or lunch or even for everyday look.

 So that when she decided that why not tocreate a brand which focus on matching looks and sets. Brand that maybe shewasn’t the only one struggling to find... Her goal is to create a brandwhich focuses on matching sets/outfits in different fabrics and styles whichhas a perfect fit for any body type and hights, and of course is loved and wornby all the beautiful women.

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